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Learn to strike the perfect chord

(Any level, preferably grade 3 and above)

  • Learn to add chords to your favourite melodies or
    original compositions
  • Analyse the chord structure in songs like Scarborough
    , My Favourite Things
  • Get tips that work for any instrument, like the guitar,
    keyboard, or piano
  • Get an introduction to jazz harmony
  • Build complex chord progressions
  • Learn to use 7th, 9th and 13th chords
  • Experiment with adding different chord progressions
    to a single melody
  • Get a live demonstration for your chosen tunes!
  • Add originality and depth to your solo performances
  • Effortlessly accompany your friends as they sing or play
  • Discover how different chord combinations can transform your tune
  • Experiment with different chord progressions, and transform your melody!
  • Learn to experiment – play one tune with many different chord progressions


On the importance of ear training

(Any level, preferably grade 5 and above)

  • Knowing what you’re hearing when you enjoy music
  • Mastering music dictation (a demonstration for advanced students)
  • Learning to play by ear
  • Understanding the importance of singing


Jazz harmony – the basics

(Requires music theory knowledge of at least grade 5)

  • Learn how to add jazz chords to a chosen melody
  • Get a live demonstration of jazz harmonisation for Scarborough Fair, Autumn Leaves and other popular numbers
  • Participate in an ‘audience request’ session where any audience member can name a song, and we fit jazz chords to the melody on the spot


Writing an 8-bar melody

(Requires music theory knowledge of at least grade 5)

  • Learn a whole host of techniques that will help you write a great 8-bar melody


How to get started with improvising

(Any level, for teachers and students alike)

  • Learn how to improvise
  • Understand improvisation as a language
  • Grasp some fundamental concepts that will help you ‘speak’ this language

Let’s begin to compose

(For all levels)

  • Experimenting with different chord voicings
  • Writing an 8-bar melody

A comprehensive guide to the supporting tests in the Trinity syllabus

(For teachers and students)

  • A talk on Ear Training, Musical Knowledge, Sight-reading and Improvisation

Interpretation ideas to make your performance better

(For piano students above grade 5, and teachers as well)

  • Discover new ideas that you can incorporate into your performance to improve your interpretation
  • Bring up your most difficult interpretation decisions and get fresh ideas to solve them

How to pedal

(For piano students at grade 3 and above)

  • Find new pedalling ideas, demonstrated through the pieces from the exam syllabus
  • Participate in an interactive session where the audience will be involved in complex pedalling decisions

Succeeding in the business of music teaching in the 21st century

(For teachers and aspiring music teachers)

  • Building professionalism in your profession!
  • Classical music teachers are teaching music written from the 17th to the 19th century to students living in the 21st century. How are they even surviving?
  • This workshop will show you how we can build a successful business model for music teachers in the 21st century.


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